Good bye Boring Coffee, Hello Heaven!

Coffee Maker by Aeropress

I used to live off the serious boost that a good ‘ol energy drink can give. The sheer caffeine boost made any dull morning into an exhilarating burst of spontaneity and sheer productive energy. But that would last for a couple of hours before severely crashing, wondering why I even tried relying on an energy drink to keep me going. On top of this, I was spending an obscene amount of money each week to get my daily caffeine fix. Fortunately, I turned over to something that was just as effective: rich, dark black coffee.

However, I quickly found myself paying the same amount as when I was relying on just energy drinks, and like anyone, there were some serious bills that could use some cash to be paid off. In an effort to save some money, I decided to make my own coffee at home (and not only did I save money, but I no longer had to wait around on long lines in early mornings just to get by daily coffee before work). After going through several coffee machines, I definitely found the one for me.

Aeropress coffee makerThe coffee add espresso maker by Aeropress has been by far the best coffee maker for my needs, both in terms of pure taste as well as efficiency and speed. Therefore, the following is a brief Aeropress review, that shows exactly where this amazing coffee maker excels.
The first is in terms of sheer space and weight. The Aeropress coffee maker is by far the most compact and lightest coffee maker I have ever used, and has helped clear up a lot of space in the kitchen. Also, as someone who loves camping, a portable coffee maker such as this has come in quite a pinch on many occasions.

The second is definitely the improved taste that the Aeropress coffee maker has provided. With its ability for micro-filtering and utilizing finer grinds, coffee always comes out super smooth and with a great punch of bitterness that many people enjoy.

Lastly, the Aeropress coffee maker is able to make coffee that is as strong or as weak as you prefer, with you being able to control the entire process with a sturdy plunger. In the end, the sheer ease, compactness, and the ability to make whatever type of coffee I want has definitely been a great improvement to both my productivity and in saving me money that I would have otherwise spent purchasing coffee outdoors.

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